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"If you missed The Copper Street Brass last week then you missed a lot...they blew the roof off the place!"

Faulk County Register

The Copper Street Brass (CSB) represents the Evolution of the Brass Quintet. This means we have uprooted the brass quintet from its formal foundations and created a new, dynamic ensemble which expresses our artistic voice using a dazzling fusion of brass, keyboard, guitar, percussion, and electronic instruments. We are the only full-time brass chamber music ensemble in Minnesota, and one of only a handful in the country. Our group sound has developed over eight years of rehearsals, experiments, concerts, trials, errors, and following what is true to our artistic voice and individual innate talent and experience. We approach performing and teaching not as a “brass quintet”, but as a group of musicians with a message to share. This means we forget traditional musical categories and labels - like classical, jazz, & rock for example - and together create something new that is the best expression of our artistic message. Our approach frees us to express ourselves and present a wide variety of music that truly appeals to a universal audience. We are proud of what we have created: a sound that is exclusively and undeniably the Copper Street Brass - always going beyond ordinary.

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What People Say About our Concerts

Thank you for the outstanding performance!  People are still talking about it!  Words cannot effectively describe the joy and high musicianship we experienced with the concert by The Copper Street Brass.  The program had ultimate variety and musicality, and was enjoyed by all who attended.

Lee Afdahl, ”A Festival of Music” Concert Series, First Presbyterian Church, Rochester MN

What People Say About our Concerts

Beyond good stage presence and an engaging rapport with the audience, this group is seriously good. The ensemble is tight, and pitch-perfect. Everyone blends well, and it is clear the musicians enjoy playing together.

From a Concert Review by John Shearer, New Mexico State University

What People Say About our Concerts

The CSB can do it all. From in your face Tower of Power-style aggressive brass virtuosity to subtle symphonic nuance, The CSB delivers.

Matthew Zimmerman, Wild Sound Studio, Minneapolis

Meet The Copper Street Brass

The Copper Street Brass (CSB) represents the Evolution of the Brass Quintet. Through inventive concerts, engaging educational programs, and original musical arrangements, we bring a fresh perspective to instrumental music. To expresses our artistic voice we use a dazzling fusion of brass, keyboard, guitar, percussion, and electronic instruments to appeal to a universal audience and go beyond ordinary.

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Educational Residencies

The Copper Street Brass is one of the best educational experiences that a director could offer his or her students.

Chris Fogderud, Brainerd HS Band Director

The foundation of our K-12 Educational Programming begins with a one day or even a one hour visit to a school. Typically, we fill our day with three or four services at a school or district. These visits - funded from the school budget, a grant, or a combination of both - can include any of our educational presentations from elementary lyceums to brass masterclasses to side-by-side rehearsals with music students.

Because every music class is different, our visits are designed to meet the specific educational needs of each class. Contact Us to discuss how we can make an impact at your school!

Educational Activity & Concert Options

The Copper Street Brass was a pleasure to have in my classroom.  My students were talking about them for months afterwards, and are still applying the lessons learned each day.  Thank you Copper Street!!

Bevin Mitchell, Williston Middle School, Williston ND

The CSB has built a reputation for excellence and commitment to education, and our experience performing multi-day school residencies is the best example of that charge. Our multi-day residencies are more than a string of one-day visits, but a chance for us to engage entire communities in our teaching and performing. All multi-day residencies include a community concert either by The CSB alone or alongside the school band students. Not only do these longer visit afford all members in the community the chance to hear us perform, but they allow us to dig into more advanced concepts with music students.

With any CSB visit, each activity is carefully selected and planned in consultation with school music teachers. Multi-day visits allow many possibilities for schools and school districts, so feel free to share your wildest ideas with us and we'll do our best to make them happen! For more information about funding these extended visits, read more about our grant writing services or contact us directly to get started!

Educational Activity & Concert Options

Sample Residency Schedule

Grant Writing Services

Not only did we get to enjoy an incredible evening performance at our school, but the CSB tailored their residency to meet the unique needs of our band program.  Kids are still talking about the event.

Claire Larson, Kenyon-Wanamingo Schools, Kenyon MN

We love performing with others! After all, that's why we do what we do. We have performed as the "featured group" with bands from middle schools to uiversity wind ensembles and orchestras to excellent adult community bands. Generally, we perform a tune or two for brass quintet and band/orchestra and play a couple quick tunes on our own. This is a fun way for the community to hear The CSB without having to devote your entire concert program to us, and works particularly well as the "capstone" performance of a multi-day residency visit.

Think this is a cool idea but don't know where to start? We've played just about everything that's been published for brass quintet and "insert ensemble of varying skill level here", and our amazing horn player and arranger Tim Bradley has created several tunes for band, orchestra, and brass quintet (us) at different ability levels.

13 Masters (Grade 3) for Band and Quintet

Invierño Porteno (Grade 4+) for Band and Quintet

I have heard nothing but positive feedback about the CSB, and would jump at the opportunity to collaborate with them again.

Dr. James Adams, Valley City State University, Valley City ND

The staff of The CSB has had the pleasure of serving as panelists as arts entrepreneurs and speaking to college classes about the business side of what we do. We feel passionate about sharing our experiences with young musicians and educators and can provide our own perspective on many aspects of the arts and arts management. Our goal is to help aspiring musicians and educators be as prepared as possible for a career in the arts, contact us if you are interesting in setting up a visit.

We have presented sessions for high school and college students across the country. Contact Us today to talk about the needs of your program!

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Check out our short concert or educational residency videos for a taste of what we do. For more, check us out on YouTube.

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